About This Blog

What is this blog exactly? Why, it's all of my INCREDIBLY important thoughts and UNBEARABLY witty insights.

I kid, obviously. It's just me, Alex, trying to use my right-side brain - prevent rot and decay from setting in. I'm not sure what I'll be writing about - be it day-to-day life, stories from the past, or my personal favorite, pop culture - but feel free to join me while I figure it out. Hopefully I can entertain somebody, or at the very least give someone reading material while they're at work to help them avoid having to do their actual job.

You can follow me on twitter @RegardingAlex!

Oh, and tumblr people! There's regardingalex.tumblr.com - it's the exact same content, only probably next to a gif of some kind.*

*I don't understand tumblr because I'm old or something.

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